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City Polytechnic High School
Posted by:Master, June - 30 - 2016
City Polytechnic High School Floor and Wall Decal of School Logo

Located in downtown Brooklyn, City Polytechnic High School is use to the feel and view of NYC. Thus, many decisions during the branding process was to keep with the atmosphere of the skyline view of the city.

Welcome area off elevators

After a visit with Principal Muhammad and a walk-through of their school, BGE decided to add the logo in the main entrance, a welcoming effect since it would be the first thing many people see upon entering the school. It added to the level of pride and name recognition every school hopes for.

City Polytechnic High School Vinyl Contour Decal of School’s Silhouette

In the following pictures you can see the before and after of one of the hallways of City Polytechnic H.S.

Hallway with focal point

Before, the school’s bare yellow walls were screaming for some definition. When approaching this hallway, BGE hoped to bring some of the city feel back into the school by adding the skyline silhouette from the logo.

While keeping with their school colors, the silhouette was added and a new, attractive wall was created. The final product was beautiful.